NIC 2018 (Beijing, March 28-31 2018)


Organised every two years by the China Nuclear Society (CNS), this major event of the nuclear industry in China gathers various exhibitors from the whole world. The 2018 edition saw relatively numerous Chinese and foreign enterprises cohabitating. Among the local companies, CNNC, CGN, Huaneng or Hualong Technology's booths were particularly noted. As for foreign exhibitors, Korean, Canadian, American and Spanish pavilions were organised along with a Rosatom booth that respresented the Russian industry.

The French pavilion, first by the number of exhibitors, welcomed around twenty companies, mainly PFCE members. The Fench presence was completed by EDF (which hosted PFCE), CEA, Orano, Framatome, Nuvia or Velan.

Despite an overall attendance lower than expected, the event has provided exhibitors with opportunities to network, meet with various Chinese VIPs and gather in events organised by the WEIR group or EDF/CEA.